Assignment page allows you to set parameters such as the chat assignment logic and the maximum number of conversations an agent can handle simultaneously.

Chat assignment

For the new live chat or ticket that appears in the Inbox, you can choose from various assignment options:

  1. Voluntary: Agents can choose to pick up chats from the pending queue.

  2. Balanced: Conversations are assigned to agents with the fewest open conversations.

  3. Random: Chats are randomly assigned to available agents.

  4. Round Robin: Conversations are assigned sequentially to agents in the order they appeared online.

Note! The default setting is Voluntary, which means incoming chats are not automatically assigned. Instead, agents have the option to pick up chats from the pending queue at their discretion.

Auto-assigned chats setting

To assign the Maximum number of auto-assigned chats an agent can receive at a time, choose the number in the "Auto-assigned chats" field.

Note! Default state for the "Auto-assigned chats" field is 10.

Click "Save" button to save selected Chat assignment and Auto-assigned chats changes.

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