Get Started

Create a free workspace

To create a free workspace and have access to Proto AICX, navigate to the signup page and choose your preferred SSO method using your Google, Microsoft or Slack accounts.

After you've created the workspace, you can invite the rest of your team.

Join an existing workspace

If your team is already using Proto and you want to join their workspace, you’ll need a team member to invite you. You’ll receive the invitation via email and can create an account from there and get access to the workspace.

Setting up your account and availability

You can change your status and preferred theme by clicking your name on the bottom left. If you’re set as “Away”, no chats will be auto-assigned to you but you can still take over chats manually.

In the menu above you can choose “Account Settings” to make changes to your name, avatar, and preferred language, create and change aliases, and enable browser notifications so you're notified of new chats or messages directed to you. It’s not possible to change the email field.

Managing sub-companies

Within Proto, companies can establish multiple sub-companies. Each sub-company will have its own independent Chatbots and chats and they’ll only be visible to the users with access to that sub-company.

Note: Upon sign-up, a default company will be created for the user.

To manage sub-companies, go to Company Settings by clicking your name on the bottom left > “Company Settings”. You’ll be able to create, delete, and change the settings of the sub-companies you have access to.

Create a new sub-company. Select “Sub-Companies” and click “Create sub-company”.

Delete a sub-company. Select a sub-company using the checkbox and select “Delete Sub-Company”.

Edit a sub-company settings. To edit or remove the sub-company image, change the name, and description or opt to enforce 2FA for all or specific users, click a sub-company and make changes in the right-hand panel.

Sub-company ID and takeover secret. This is needed for integrations and can be found by clicking a sub-company on the right-hand panel that appears.

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