White labelling

To ensure consistency in your brand experience for both clients and agents, you can customize the Proto AICX Platform with your corporate logo and colour scheme:

  1. Navigate to company settings.

  2. Select proData.

Configuring white labelling logos

Within the white labelling section, you can update the following logo versions:

  • Main logo Version: Used on the signup screen and expanded sidebar. Ensure the image has a transparent background. Acceptable formats are PNG or JPEG, with a maximum size of 10MB.

  • Square logo Version: Appears on the collapsed sidebar. The image should be square and have a transparent background. Formats can be PNG or JPEG, up to 10MB.

Customizing platform colors

In the colour options area:

  1. Choose between the dark version or the light version of the platform to customize.

  2. Enable the colour settings for the selected theme.

  3. Insert the hexadecimal code for each colour you wish to apply.

  4. Save.

These steps allow you to tailor the visual elements of your platform to align with your company's branding guidelines.

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