User status

User status in the Proto AICX platform is equivalent to employee shifts in a contact centre.

You can update your user status on Proto's AICX platform to reflect your availability to other users.

To change your status, click on the profile icon and toggle between Online (green) or Away (orange).

It is essential to note that your status affects various actions in different scenarios, such as:

Status OnlineStatus AwayNo agents Online

New chats*

Incoming chats are auto-assigned to you.

Incoming chats are sent to other agents that has Online status.

Incoming chats are sent to the Pending list and agent will need to Takeover that chat when they are Online.

*Assignment setting set to Balanced, Random or Round Robin.

Note! When the Assignment setting is set to Voluntary, incoming chats are not automatically assigned. Instead, agents have the option to pick up chats from the pending queue.

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