The “Livechats” page provides an organized view of live chat interactions taking place across the sub-company. From this page, agents have access to real-time chat sessions and track conversation histories.

Each table row represents a different live chat information with the following columns: ID, Status, Tags, and Assignee.

  • ID” indicates live chat identifier.

  • "Status" shows the current state of each ticket, with different colors indicating statuses like Open (blue), Resolved (green), Pending (yellow), and Overdue (red).

  • "Tags" may be used to categorize live chats by type or by the nature of the issue.

  • "Assignee" shows the name of the support agent handling the ticket.

Livechat details

Upon clicking a live chat, a right sidebar will appear, displaying essential information such as the chat's assignee, customer details, and relevant context.

Additionally, users can perform the following actions within the sidebar:

Go to Livechat

This button will instantly redirect you to your inbox.

Edit livechat

To edit an existing livechat:

  1. Locate the desired livechat.

  2. Click on it to open the sidebar.

  3. Hover your mouse over description field. A pen icon will appear. Click on the pen icon to edit the respective field. Changes are applied instantly after editing.

Note! You can't change the assignee for a ticket directly from the sidebar on the Tickets page. The assignee can only be added or changed within the ticket conversation itself via “Transfer” or “Takeover” functions in the Inbox view.

Change the livechat status to Open, Pending, Overdue, or Resolved

Just click on the Status dropdown and choose the option you need.

Note! There's a feature called "Enforce Tags for Live Chats and Tickets." It allows you to set the required number of tags to change the status of a live chat or ticket to Resolved. You can find more information about this feature here.

View and manage Livechat Custom Fields

When editing Livechat custom fields, you might want to provide options relevant to live chat interactions, such as customer satisfaction rating or issue severity. Agents could access, record, and manage this information depending on permissions determining their level of control.

Once created in Sub-company settings, custom fields appear inside each Livechat under the Custom fields section with a default value (if added) or empty.

To update information within a custom field, hover over it. An edit icon will appear; click on it to edit the value. Changes apply instantly, "Custom field updated" notification will be shown.

View and manage Notes

Livechat notes enable agents to access, record, and manage important information depending on permissions determining their level of control.

To create a note, go to the right sidebar. In the Notes section, click the plus icon. Type the desired note and click Create. After adding the note, it will be saved under the Notes section, along with the avatar of the agent that made the note and a timestamp. To edit a note, simply hover over it, and you'll see icons for editing and deleting.

View and manage Livechat Tags

Permissions determine whether tags can be viewed or managed. To create, edit, or delete tags use Sub-company settings -> Tags page.

To add a tag or tag group to a Livechat:

  1. Click on the plus icon next to the Tags symbol.

  2. Select the desired tag or tag group from the options provided. The selected tag or tag group will appear instantly in the list depending on the sorting options that were set (the default state is alphabetical order "A to Z".

Note! The search function searches tags by name within the tag group.

To open a Livechat's tag group, simply click on the tag within the Tag section.

To remove a tag from a Livechat, click on the tag within the Tag section, then confirm the deletion by clicking the "Delete" button in the pop-up dialogue.

To remove a tag group from a Livechat, click on the trash icon next to the tag group name within the Tag section. Confirm the deletion by clicking the "Delete" button in the pop-up dialogue.

Note! If the "Enforce tags for Livechats and tickets" toggle is enabled, a Livechat cannot be set to "Resolved" status until the required number of tags are added.

Search and Filter Livechats

You can conveniently search for a Livechat using the search bar. Additionally, there are several filters available: assignee, created by, tags, status, and created at. You can select one or multiple options for each filter and combine them to refine your search.

Delete Livechat

It is not possible to delete Livechat for now, will be implemented in future.

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