Select GenAI model

To optimize the performance of your chatbot through advanced intent classification, follow these steps to select the appropriate generative AI model within the platform:

Accessing Model Settings

  1. Navigate to Chatbot Configuration:

    • From the main dashboard, click on Chatbots to enter the chatbot management area.

    • Select Settings from the submenu to access various configurable options.

Enabling and Selecting the AI Model

  1. Enable Large Language Model:

    • In the Settings menu, locate the section titled AI and Machine Learning.

    • Toggle the option to Enable Large Language Model. This will allow you to use more sophisticated AI capabilities for processing and understanding user inputs.

  2. Choose the Preferred AI Model:

    • Once the large language model option is enabled, a dropdown menu will appear listing the available AI models.

    • Select your preferred model from the dropdown. Each model may differ in capabilities, such as understanding context, handling ambiguity, or recognizing a wide array of intents.

Considerations for Model Selection

  • Performance: Higher-capacity models may deliver more accurate intent recognition but could require more computational resources.

  • Latency: Consider the response time of the model, especially if real-time interaction is critical.

  • Cost: Larger models may incur higher operational costs.

By carefully selecting the AI model, you can enhance your chatbot’s ability to classify intents accurately, providing a more responsive and effective user experience.

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