User and Team Management

Roles & permissions

An administrator has the permission to create multiple fully customized roles within the workspace. This feature empowers a company to tailor access permissions and responsibilities according to their hierarchical structure and operational requirements.

To create or edit a role, click your name on the bottom left and “Company Settings”.

  1. Go to “Roles & Permissions”

  2. Click “Create Role”.

  3. Enter the necessary information for the role.

  4. Select either "Account" or "Team" as the role type. Opting for "Account" provides additional permissions, allowing for the management of Company Settings and Users. Afterwards, select the granular permissions for each selected type accordingly.

  1. Click “Create”. The new role will then be added to the list.

Users management

This module facilitates the process of inviting and overseeing users within the system. You should have the roles created before inviting users to your workspace.

To invite a user to the workspace, click “Invite User”, enter the email address and choose the role.

Note! It's currently impossible to assign a team-level role when inviting a user. The roles dropdown only contains account-level roles. If you wish to assign a team role when inviting a user, please create a team with that role first, and then add the user to that team via team dropdown.

Once a user has signed using your invitation, they will be added to the list.

Team management

This page allows the management of teams within the system.

Create Team

  1. Click Create Team.

  2. Enter the team’s details including its avatar, team name, users, role and sub-companies.

  1. Click Create. The created team will then be added to the list.

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