Proto unifies all livechats and tickets into a single inbox so your live agents can stay in a single interface. The chats escalated from the chatbots bring the entire conversation history for agents to have context supporting customers.

Manage view

Users can seamlessly switch between managing live chats and tickets or view all interactions by clicking on the respective tabs. Within each tab, they can further refine their view by filtering conversations based on their status, including Pending, Open, Snoozed, or Overdue, enabling efficient prioritization and resolution of customer inquiries. Additionally, search feature is available and can be used to quickly find specific information among existing conversations.

Use Inbox Views

Inbox Views are a great way for you and your team to customize your inbox in Proto to focus on the messages that are most relevant. Currently, it's only possible to create and use Inbox views by mailbox. More options are expected in the future.

Use set up page to manage Inbox Views list.

Chat with a Customer

To engage with a livechat or ticket, agents can simply click on a chat listed in the left sidebar. This action will open a middle chat thread where users can interact with the customer in real time. Furthermore, a right sidebar will appear, providing essential details of the conversation and customer for reference and context, such as related notes, tags, and custom fields. Agents can either view or manage this information based on their permissions. Customer information also includes profiles and history sections, which are only available for viewing.

Create Internal Notes

Transitioning from sending messages to a user to creating internal notes is straightforward; simply click on the "Notes" tab. Any notes created will remain internal and won't be visible to the user.

Note! Drafts for messages or internal notes in tickets or live chats aren't saved automatically when refresh or leave the page. To avoid losing your input, it's best to send it before refreshing or navigating away from the page.

Takeover live chat or a ticket

Depending on the assignment settings, new incoming chats such as live chats or tickets may be automatically assigned to agents, or agents may have the option to pick up chats from the pending queue instead of being automatically assigned. New chat assignment set up information is here.

An agent can takeover any existing conversation from any agent or a new conversation from the Pending list.

To takeover a live chat or a ticket, simply select the chat, add a message, and click the "Takeover & Send" button in the conversation input.

This action will assign the conversation to you instantly, and the conversation will indicate your takeover. Additionally, the "Takeover & Send" button will change to the "Send" button.

Transfer chat to another assignee

A live chat or ticket can be smoothly transferred to another assignee who possesses the required permissions to interact with users. This can be easily accomplished by selecting the "More options" icon (three dots) in the conversation input and choosing the "Transfer" function.

Note! An agent can transfer a chat to themselves or choose another assignee via "Transfer" function without needing to send a message.

Resolve chat

You can quickly resolve a chat by clicking the "More options" icon (three dots) in the conversation input and selecting "Mark as Resolved". Alternatively, you can click on the "Status" input field, where a dropdown menu will appear with available statuses. Select the desired status, and the changes will apply instantly.

Use split screen mode

It is possible to open multiple chat windows within Inbox view.

When hovering over the customers's avatar is left sidebar, a checkbox appears and a tooltip says "Open in split screen". You could open up to 5 conversations simultaneously.

To close a conversation that's open in split-screen mode, the agent can hover over the customer's avatar in the left sidebar. This will change the avatar to a cross icon, and a tooltip will appear saying "Close conversation." Alternatively, they can press the cross icon located at the top of the conversation near the ticket number.

Use Agent Aliases

The agent alias allows an agent to talk with customers using a different name.

Within your Account settings, you can create aliases.

Once you create aliases, you can start chatting with the customer with the default alias name. To chat with the customer with a different alias name, select a name from the list during a chat.

Customers will only see your alias.

Use Canned replies

Canned replies are pre-written responses to common inquiries or messages which allow support agents to quickly access and send them when responding to customers.

Canned replies settings information is here.

To use a canned reply:

  1. Open the live chat in Inbox and click the canned reply icon in the conversation input. โ€A bar with the list of canned replies will appear. Additionally, there is a search bar provided for your convenience.

  2. Click the desired canned reply and it will show up on your typing area. Hit "Send" button to send the message to the customer.

Use Profile iframe

Once is enabled on Sub-company Customer Profile iframe page, Profile iframe tab should be shown inside each Inbox conversation.

Ban Customers

In Proto, itโ€™s possible to configure the banning of abusive customers from accessing or interacting with your chatbot.

To manage ban reasons and ban rules, check this page.

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