Inbox Views

The Inbox View feature allows you to add custom filters for conversations inside the Inbox. This page is available to view to any user.

Create Inbox view:

  1. Click "Create Inbox Views" button

  2. Provide a name, choose an icon (optional), and select visibility either as Available for sub-company or Available for myself only (default state)

  1. Click the "Create" button, user will be directed to the Inbox View page where Rules should be set up.

  2. Click on "Field" field and select "Mailbox" (only this one is available for now)

  3. Choose "Operator" (is or is not)

  4. Select mailbox

Note! The "Select mailbox" dropdown only includes email addresses that are created in the Email Domain. To find these addresses, go to Settings → Sub-Company -> Email Domain -> select domain -> Senders tab.

  1. To add a new filter line, click the "+" button. Once clicked, the "+" button changes to a button with an "And" sign. This button includes a dropdown with options "And" and "Or".

Edit Inbox view:

  1. Click on desired Inbox View.

  2. Edit name, choose an icon and select visibility.

  3. Edit Rules fields: field, operator, select mailbox.

  4. Manage rules lines and choose and/or condition to connect rules between each other

  5. Click "Save" button

Delete Inbox view:

  1. Click on desired Inbox View.

  2. On Inbox View details page click on "Delete Inbox View".

  3. Confirm the deletion by clicking "Delete" button in the pop-up dialog. User will be moved to the Inbox View list.

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